Motor Trimmings Manchester

Motor trimmings Manchester
Motor trimmings Manchester

Motor trimming is the manufacture, repair and installation of carpets, panels, upholstery, hoods, lining covers and canopies on all kinds of motor vehicles. Trimming is important for both the repair of cars, and the restoration of vintage and classic vehicles. A good motor trimmer, like Segals Motor Trimming in Manchester, can repair, retrim or replace most of the upholstered parts of your car interior, fittings and accessories. This could include parts like the canopy, carpets, convertible tops, dashboards, floor mats, door trims, roof linings, seat covers, steering wheels and a variety of seat types including leather, race or motorbike seats.

Whether your car has seen better days and needs some upgrades, or you want a completely customer look of all your car interiors, a motor trimmer in Manchester can help you to keep your car in good repair and looking good. Motor trimming covers more than cars too; it can also be used on classic and vintage cars, boats, buses, trucks and motorcycles.

For motor trimming in Manchester, look no further than Segals, who have over seventy five years of motor trimming experience. Segals have been supplying the motor trade, trimmers and motor fans for many years with a huge variety of trimmings and the tools needed to properly fit them, from fastenings to adhesives.

Segals have the largest range of fabrics for motor trimmings in Manchester, for car seats or other upholstery. Find fabrics including faux suede, baize, leather, cord, waterproof suede, and options for vehicle models including Nissan, Ford and Renault.

With the right supplies, you can freshen up a drab car interior that has seen better days or repair any interior damage, with materials that match the original interiors fitted by the manufacturer, erasing all trace of the damage. A good supplier can also help motor enthusiasts who are restoring classic cars. Finding trimming to match a classic vehicle can be difficult, whether you want to recover the seats, repair a damaged convertible soft top, or find a carpet that fits with the original style of the car.

Quality motor trimmings need quality fastenings and adhesives in order to properly fit them. Carpets need a proper adhesive to secure them firmly into place. Proper cleaners keep your upholstery and other interiors clean and in good condition, prolonging their life and helping you to avoid needing further repairs later on. Convertible hoods also need proper cleaning, and revivers to improve the look of a worn fabric.

Fasteners can come in all varieties, including pins, clips, dots, eyelets, screws, staples and more. Each of these types of fastening also has a lot of options. For example, clips could be trim clips, clips for specific car brands, envelope clips and edge clips. Staples and tacks are used for fastening down upholstery, and can be bought in a variety of sizes for different tasks. Eyelets can be bought in a mix of finishes, such as brass or silver, and of course you can also find the tools to properly apply the eyelets.