Classic Car Fabircs Manchester

Classic car fabircs Manchester
Classic car fabircs Manchester

Restoring a classic car is always a labour of love, and finding the right parts, fittings and trimmings to match the original parts and interiors of your beloved vehicle can be difficult. If you’re in the process of restoring a vintage or classic car, you need to find the right suppliers to help you find the right parts that will restore your car to its former glory days, while still being in keeping with what the car had fitted in it originally.

If you’re looking for classic car fabrics in Manchester, look no further than Segals Motor Trimmings, who have a range of fabrics and carpeting that are ideal to help you find the perfect fittings to aid you in your restoration project. If you’re in search of a particular fabric that will go with a particular model of car, Segals can help you too. We have classic car fabrics from car brands and models including Vauxhall, VW Golf, Mercedes and more. When working on a restoration project, it can be frustrating if upholstery is looking dull or faded or has been ripped or otherwise damaged and you can’t find something to match well. By being able to find the original fabrics or good reproduction of what should be in your make and model of vehicle, you can seamlessly replace fabrics and not have them stand out too much from the originals.

Manchester classic car fabrics from Segals will help you to keep you beloved classic car looking at its very best, whether you’re restoring it to the original look or giving it a complete makeover. You can find reproductions of classic fabrics, or new designs and materials that will make a vintage vehicle look gorgeous. Segals stocks a wide variety of fabrics that could work for classic car restoration, including waterproof suede, twills, calico, nylon and cord. You can also find fabrics from brands including Mercedes, Ford and Nissan.

For a real vintage feel from the classic car fabrics bought in Manchester, you could choose a faux leather or a hide. These materials are very popular in vintage vehicles, so choose from a range including quilted vinyl, textured leathers and leathercloth.

The carpeting in a classic car is just as important as more standard classic car fabrics, so it’s essential to make the right choice. As with the upholstery fabrics, you can find carpets that match what was in your car originally, such as the carpets from Jaguar. Choose between wools, needlecord, tufted carpets and more. Whether you're recarpeting the boot or the walls,the right carpet can freshen up your car. Carpets in classic cars have usually taken some wear and tear, meaning they can become dirty, faded and stained. If the previous owners of the car smoked in the vehicle or let their dog ride in the car, the carpeting can also hold onto smells. A new carpet freshens up not only the look, but also the smell inside your car, making it well-worth a change during your restoration work.