Classic Car Carpets Manchester

Classic car carpets Manchester
Classic car carpets Manchester

Working on restoring a classic or vintage car is a very rewarding project for any car enthusiast to take on, but a project like this does come with a lot of challenges. Depending on the condition your classic car is in when you start working on it, you may have a lot of parts, interiors and trimmings to replace, refit or repair, from the upholstery inside the boot to the door fittings. Finding the right parts to match the original fittings of the car, especially for older vehicles, can be very challenging, particularly if you’re in search of discontinued parts.

If you’re looking for classic car carpets in Manchester, Segals Motor Trimmings has a large range of options in lots of materials and colours for you to choose from and give your restoration the perfect finishing touch to make it look fantastic. In older cars, the carpeting can take a lot of damage, from general wear and tear if the car has been well used. Carpet can fade if the car has been parked outside a lot, and can be damaged by rips and tears from rough handling.

Carpeting can also be a problem as it can very easily hold onto smells. If one of the previous owners of the car you’re restoring often travelled with their dog, or ate smelly foods or smoked in the car, these unpleasant smells can cling to the carpets. This doesn’t make your car a very nice place to be. Whether you’re ripping out smelly carpets, or a carpet that has become stained, dirty or otherwise worn out, you need something to replace it with.

Segals is the best place to find classic car carpets in Manchester, with options including model matches for classic Jaguars and materials including tufted carpet, 100% wool or Wessex Wool. You’ll also find needle cord, vel trim and 4-way stretch carpets for the walls in the vehicle, and options for your boot carpet too. Segals has classic colours if you’re going for an authentic finish, but you’ll also find some brighter options if your restoration project is more of a total makeover.

When buying classic car carpets in Manchester, you also need the right tools to properly fit them. At Segals, you can find high quality adhesives and fastenings like staples to properly secure your new carpet, to prevent it lifting or bagging after you’ve found that perfect match. When you have your classic car carpet in place, you’ll also need to clean it in the right way to keep it looking and smelling good. The right cleaners can make a real difference to how long your painstakingly chosen carpets will last. With proper care, and good quality cleaners and conditioners, your car carpets and other upholstery can last you a long time and still look and smell as fresh as the day you fitted them. A good cleaner can also work wonders on the existing upholstery in your car, helping you to save the original carpets and leather seating.