Car Trimmings Manchester

Car Trimmings Manchester
Car Trimmings Manchester

When looking for car trimmings, Manchester customers can do no better than Segal Motor Trimming Ltd. They are the United Kingdom’s leading stockist of specialised fabrics and quality car trimmings. Manchester customers are more than welcome to visit their store on Blackfriars Road, Salford and view the impressive range of car trimmings available.
With almost eight decades of experience in the industry, Segal Motor Trimming Ltd are the best stockists of car trimmings Manchester has to offer. They have been supplying all the car trimmings Manchester customers need for over 75 years and have a reputation for high quality products.
When it comes to car trimmings, Manchester customers might ask what exactly are car trimmings?
Car trimmings refers to all the equipment and materials that are needed in order to restore your car upholstery or just give it a much needed refresh. There are a number of different reasons for fitting car trimmings Manchester car owners might think of. Perhaps you want to repair some damage that has been done to your car by a clumsy passenger, or maybe you just want to refresh your car upholstery to give it a new look and a fresh style. Another reason for using car trimmings Manchester customers often mention is that they are planning to restore a classic car. They need particular car trimmings to ensure that the quality of the restoration is high. Whatever reason that they have for needing car trimmings, Manchester customers can be confident in the selection that is available at Segal Motor Trimming Ltd.
What are some of the car trimmings Manchester based Segal Motor Trimming Ltd have available?
Segal Motor Trimming Ltd pride themselves on the wide range of car trimmings Manchester customers can order from them. They have everything from carpet banding, cushion piping and piping cord, elastic and shockcord, flexible plastic sheeting, hidem banding, mohair banding, retention strips, tacking strip and tape, thread and twine, Velcro, webbing and buckles, to wing piping, zips and zipping and more. They also stock all the tools and equipment you might need in order to use the car trimming parts that you order.
In addition to car trimmings, Manchester based Segal Motor Trimmings Ltd also stock car carpet, car hooding and car headlining and they have a number of special offers available. When looking for car trimmings, Manchester customers have the option of viewing the stock available on the website and if they like the products they have seen they can request a sample. This is advantageous as often colours can vary from computer to computer so ordering a sample will give you the peace of mind that you have selected the colour that you want.
For the best car trimmings Manchester has to offer, contact Segal Motor Trimming Ltd. Their friendly and helpful team of staff are available to assist you with any information regarding the products they stock as well as advice on car trimmings. For any and all questions or information regarding car trimmings Manchester, speak to a member of the team today!