Car Trimmings Oldham

Car Trimmings Oldham
Car Trimmings Oldham

When it comes to car restoration, it is often the small details that make the difference. There is an old phrase that says: ‘the Devil is in the detail.” This dates back many years, certainly to the 1800s but perhaps even earlier. Whatever the origin, the meaning is clear – details make all the difference and are incredibly important. In fact, in a project like a car restoration, failing to take care of the details can render all the time and energy spent on the bigger aspects of the project useless. The eye is drawn to the missing details and the project can sadly look unfinished.
For this reason, we specialise at Segal Motor Trimmings Ltd in selling the car trimmings Oldham drivers need. These are all the extra bits and parts that will finish the project off neatly. For example, you may be replacing the car hooding or the carpet. But by making sure that the edges have been neatly finished with the right car trimmings, Oldham customers can make sure that the finished work looks great.
When it comes to car trimmings, Oldham drivers can be confident that they will find all the supplies that the need at Segal Motor Trimmings Ltd. Amongst our extensive supplies, we stock the following options:
• Carpet banding
• Cushion piping
• Piping cord
• Elastic
• Shock cord (bungee elastic cord)
• Hidem banding
• Soft top rear window
• Tacking strip and tape
• Thread and twine
• Tools and equipment
• Velcro
• Wing piping
• Zips and zipping
• Mohair banding
• Retention strips
• Webbing
• Buckles
We are the store where you can get the best range of car trimmings Oldham has to offer. If there is something specific that you need, get in contact with us using the details on the website. If we do not already stock it, it is likely that we can source it from a reputable supplier for you.
As well as a variety of options in the car trimmings Oldham drivers need, we also pride ourselves in quality. After all, your car restoration represents an investment, not only in money, but also in time. Because of that, you need to know that it will last and that you will not need to carry out the maintenance work all over again. This is especially important if you are restoring a car for a customer, because the last thing you want is to have to perform repairs under guarantee because of poor quality car trimmings. We only sell good quality car trimmings, so that our Oldham customers can have the peace of mind that they are making a good choice.
As well as car trimmings, Oldham customers can find a range of other items in our online store. We stock adhesives, solvents, fabric, carpet, fasteners, car hooding and many other materials and parts for vehicle restoration.
If you need the best choice of car trimmings Oldham has to offer, then look no further. Speak to us at Segal Motor Trimmings Ltd to see how we can provide the right materials for your vehicle restoration.