Classic Car Fabrics Salford

Classic Car Fabircs Salford

Classic car fabircs Salford

When it comes to restoring a classic car, it can be a project that is massively filled with challenges, research, fittings and trimmings, finding the right parts, and a labour of love.

In the early stages of research before you start restoring a vintage or a classic car, one of the things that you will definitely want to do is find the right suppliers.

Segal Motor Trimmings will be able to help you find the right parts that can help you restore your car to its former glory.

And it will be completely in keeping with the car that was fitted originally.

Segal Motor Trimmings has a huge range of classical fabrics. And will most certainly want to help you and your restoration project.

When it comes to things like searching for a very particular fabric, that is designed to go for it with a particular model of car, then we can help there too.

We have a range of classic car fabrics ranging from VW Golf to Mercedes and so much more.

When you first get a restoration project started can be very frustrating when the upholstery is not looking slick as it once did. Over time, upholstery does tend to wear slightly, in which case you’re probably going to want to repair it or replace it completely.

Repairing the interior of a car you’ll need to make sure that you can do this seamlessly as possible. So that even the biggest car enthusiasts won’t be able to spot those repairs.

Most classic car restoration will need something from the following range of fabrics: waterproof suede, calico, cord, and nylon come top of the list.

And then there are the specific fabrics from brands like Ford, Nissan and Mercedes.

But if you want to go for that classic and luxurious option, then you can choose from faux leather or hide. These materials are incredibly popular for most vehicles in the vintage and classic category.

Once the general fabrics have been replaced or repaired, then you’re going to have to start to think about the carpets. The carpeting in a classic car is just as important as the rest of the fabrics.

So it is essential to make the right choice. Do you want to keep the vintage or classic feel? You’re probably going to want to choose between needlecord, tufted carpets, or wools.

And there are of course very specific carpets like those from a Jaguar.

Recarpeting is one of the quickest ways that you can freshen up your car because of course, you’ll do the boot and potentially the walls too.

It is worth bearing in mind that most often the carpets in a classic car have usually taken a serious amount of wear and tear. They are likely to be faded, dirty, and heavily stained.

And of course, if the previous owner has smoked in the vehicle, or they have a dog, the carpeting is likely to hold onto the smells. A new carpet will freshen up the look, while getting rid of any lingering smells too.

So if you are ready to restore the interior of your classic car, then the fabric that you choose will matter every time. Segal Motor Trimmings have a huge range of fabrics, and can even help you find the right parts to restore your car to the beauty that it once was.